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Scrollbars Finishing Moves:

    Buckshot Lariat (Slingshot flipping Lariat)
    Dead Eye/Rite Of Passage (Kneeling back to belly piledriver)
    Turn The Page (Arm trap reverse STO)

Signature Moves:

    Arm trap neckbreaker
    Avalanche swinging neckbreaker
    Big Boot
    Bridging deadlift pumphandle half nelson suplex
    Cracker Barrel (Cradle Tombstone piledriver)
    Corner dropkick
    Discus forearm smash
    Dropsault (Dropkick to an opponent while performing a moonsault onto another)
    Float over powerbomb
    German suplex
    Moonsault, sometimes to the outside
    Running/Standing shooting star press, sometimes from the apron
    Swinging neckbreaker from the second rope
    Fallaway slam
    Moonsault fallaway slam